Your wedding day is going to be the most special day of your life and you will go the added mile to make sure that everything is perfect on that day. While your traditional trousseau has been decided after much deliberation and effort, some brides make the mistake of not putting in enough thought on their hairstyles for the wedding day. Yes, the whole attention will be on the wedding trousseau, but the entire look for the day is made or broken by the way you wear your hair as well.

Fret not; we have created a collection of the best hairstyles that carry the oomph of modernity along with the charm of traditionalism. It is suggested that you try the different hairstyles with your attire and pick the one which suits you the best. Make sure that you do not make the trials on the D-Day since that might take a long time. Decide on the hairstyle well in advance and get the right accessories for the hairstyle of your choice.

  1. Long Braid Floral Net and Accessories

This hairstyle would work wonders on brides with beautiful long hair. However, it will work even on brides that have medium length hair. Be it a Bengali, Marwari, Gujarati, Assamese, South Indian, North Indian or Muslim bride, this traditional hairstyle will work for all. Start the style by parting the hair in the middle and comb it till the back where it can be pinned to create a natural puff. The base of the braid can be covered with floral decoration and you can use different hair accessories for the same. The look of the braid can be enhanced with the use of a tassel. The entire braid is then covered with a hair net.

  1. Decorative Loose Bun

Buns always lend a soft touch to your look and you can play with the simple bun for a stylish wedding hairstyle. This look works for long and medium length hair. Brush the hair back in a messy fashion. Gather the hair and make a low bun on the lower part of the head. One that is secured, use interesting hair accessories on it and pull out strands from the side and curl them softly for a messy yet dressy look. You can shift the bun on the side as well to give a more modern look. This would look good on Christian brides as well as all the other traditional Indian brides as well.

  1. Open Hairstyle with Curls and Puffs

This hairstyle works like magic for brides with medium or short hair. You can make a middle parting, or puff your hair or take your hair to one side and pin it up, leaving the rest of the hair open. You can use accessories on the pinned portion of the hair or use flowers and string accessories for the opened portion of the hair. This look goes with the traditional and modern trousseau and can look very classy.

Make changes in the hairstyles according to your style and use different accessories for an interesting wedding look.