Top 10 Makeup Essentials

10 Must-Have Items in a Makeup Artist’s Kit


Being a makeup artist, it is very essential that you keep your makeup kit organized all the time. This will not only ensure that you have your kit up to date with all necessary items but organization of items really saves a lot of time and keeps last minute jitters at bay. If you want to know that what are the must-haves in a professional makeup kit then here is a revealing guide. Read on to find out!

  1. Spatulas and palettes – Hygiene being a primary concern, the use of spatulas and palettes while working
    with makeup is a must. Dipping the brush into a product after using it on a client’s face will not only contaminate the product but will also count on the health and hygiene of your clients. The spatula should be used to extract only that amount of the product on the palette which you will be using for a client.
  2. Throw-away lip and mascara applicators – Solely for hygiene purpose, lip and
    mascara applicators should never be reused and shared among customers. With the lips and eyes most vulnerable to bacteria, it is a must for every makeup artist to take such precautions. You can buy these applicators in bulk and keep them in a sterile packet to avoid contamination.
  3. Cotton buds – These small inexpensive things are cant-do without items for a makeup artist. If you want to remove smudges and unwanted spots as quick as a breeze then dippin       g cotton buds in makeup remover and using them on the required region will certainly give you unblemished results.
  4. Makeup remover and cleanser – It can so happen that your client shows up with some makeup already on her face. Thus, having a makeup remover and a cleanser handy is a good idea. Opt for a branded makeup remover and cleanser that will suit all skin types. This will ensure that you get an absolutely clean canvas to begin with.
  5. Lip balm and lip scrub – This is very useful in case you come across a client with chapped or rough lips. Such lips must be exfoliated properly before the application of lipstick or lip gloss. If you have budget constraints then you can opt for a homemade lip scrub by mixing 2 tbs of brown sugar and ½ tbs of olive oil. This concoction should be refrigerated for it to last long. Lip balm is a must for lip moisturizing.
  6. Moisturizer – To get flawless makeup application it is vital that the face of your client is well moisturized.
    Your makeup kit must have at least two kinds of moisturizers. A cream based moisturizer should work well for those with dry skin and a gel moisturizer should do well for both oily and combination skin. Moisturizer not only hydrates the skin but also makes it smooth for excellent makeup application.
  7. Lash glue and artificial eyelashes – When you stock your kit with artificial eyelashes
    then make sure that you have a good collection of various styles in order to meet any kind of demand of your client. False eyelashes add an extra ounce of glamour to any look. Also keep a lash glue handy for effective attachment of the artificial eyelashes.
  8. Tweezers – This can be very helpful in case you find an inappropriately shaped eyebrow
    that might act as a hindrance in achieving a flawless look. Also tweezers can be helpful for positioning and applying artificial eyelashes.
  9. Hair clips – This is really inevitable. Your client’s hair need to be held back while you
    apply makeup on her face as nothing can be more disturbing than a strand of hair flying across your canvas. Also it avoids the makeup getting stuck on the hair and you and your client is saved from the mess.
  10. Rubbing alcohol – 70% and 90% Isopropyl alcohol should also be there in your
    makeup kit as it is needed for sanitation purpose. You can carry it in a small beaker or in a spray bottle for disinfecting your pencil cosmetics, eyeliners, etc. Rubbing alcohol can also be used for cleaning your tools after you are done with your work.

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