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What you Ought to Know about Makeup Brushes


Flawless makeup is not just about the right beauty products but it also counts a lot on the right kind of makeup brushes. With a wide spectrum of makeup brushes available in the market you must be very careful in selecting your makeup brushes considering that different kinds are required for different areas of application. Just like a chef cannot function without a good set of knives, similarly a makeup professional cannot do without a proper collection of makeup brushes. The quality of the brushes is also a prime lookout as you cannot get flawless makeup done without the right quality of brushes. Invest in good quality brushes; they might not come cheap but they will definitely be worth the investment.

Here let us get to know the kind of makeup brushes used!

  • Natural hair brushes – These are mostly made out of animal hair and are graded by their firmness, length and uniformity in cut. Sable hair is widely used for finer brushes owing to its silkiness. You can go for squirrel hair brushes if money is not a constraint. Goat hair and pony hair brushes are also quite popular.
  • Synthetic brushes – The best quality synthetic brushes are made out of Taklon which is an artificial fibre and looks very much like natural hair. These soft and smooth brushes are easy to clean and are much more hygienic than their natural counterparts. This is mainly because natural hair brushes are more vulnerable to attracting dirt and bacteria that is quite difficult to get rid of even after cleaning.


The right kind of brush for each product

  • Foundation – To give your foundation a good blend go for a brush that is good in blending. The one with thick and firm bristles is usually the most preferred choice. LANCOME Mineral Powder Foundation brush is the best option for foundation application. Kabuki brushes are popular powder brushes and they work wonders when it comes to giving a perfect finish. If you are applying liquid foundation then my suggestion is to go for MAC #130.
  • Eyeshadow – To apply the base shadow on the lid use a stiff, thick and flat brush. Go for MAC#227 or MAC#252 for the purpose. To apply color on the lid use a firm and flat brush like MAC#239. For coloring the crease go for a soft, tapered and round brush. MAC#223 is the one to go for.
  • Eyeliner – A firm, slim, angled brush like MAC#263 can be used for the eyeliner and also for the eyebrows as it gives a precise application.
  • Blush – An angled, medium sized, round and firm brush is the best option for allowing flawless blending of the blush. Go for MAC#168.
  • Concealer – These should be just the size of eye makeup brushes and soft in texture in order to give the right blend. I suggest MAC#217 and #252. Apart from MAC, The best quality concealer brushes are offered by Ve Neill, Giorgio Armani, Bobby Brown and ADesign.

The next time you go shopping for your cosmetics make sure you do bring home a couple of quality makeup brushes. Bid adieu to nasty cotton balls and stop smudging with your fingers. A superior quality makeup brush not only transforms the way your makeup looks but also allows it to stay on your face for longer hours.

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