About Sanitary Precautions While Using Cosmetics


Sanitizing is a very important aspect that you need to take care of while using cosmetics. After all, when it comes to your skin, utmost care needs to be taken at any cost. So, follow these really essential ways of sanitizing some of the widely used cosmetics and use them without any hassles. Read on!

How to sanitize lipsticks, concealers and cream based products?

You can opt for spraying the product with alcohol (91% is preferred) and then wiping it with a soft clean tissue. This will give you an absolutely sterile surface. You can further go ahead and use the palette or tube directly or extract a small portion of the product and use it. In case you are using any cream based product or a foundation then using a mixing palette will be preferred as this is what most professionals do.

Sterilizing with alcohol is always a two way process in which wiping is inevitable. It is a popular myth that alcohol tends to destroy all the viruses and germs but the fact is that it helps in eradicating germs from the outer layer of the product where most of them rest. You should note that the bottom of most cream based products is carnauba or a similar kind of wax, most of the viruses and germs are usually found on it.

How to sanitize pencils?

Before you use any pencil make sure to get rid of any sort of remains on the sharpener. Clean the inner compartments and blade with alcohol (99% is preferred). Then spray the pencil with alcohol or dip it in the liquid. Sharpen the pencil. Before applying, again sterilize the pencil with alcohol in order to make sure that it did not get cross contaminated from any of the remains of the sharpener. Let the pencil dry out in air before you use it on your skin..

How to sanitize pressed powders?

Well this includes some of the most crucial items such as your eye shadows, blushes, compacts, etc. You can wipe the top surface of the compressed powder with a virgin tissue before you touch it with any kind of applicator. When it comes to taking sanitary precautions then spraying the likes of eye shadows and blushes with alcohol do not pose any risks but the only thing is that it can damage the cosmetic

The most hygienic way to use loose powders

Be it pigments or any other kind of loose powdered cosmetics, the best way is to take out the quantity that you will be using on a clean surface or a mixing palette using any sanitary tool like a spatula.

Maintain hygiene with your liquid liners and mascaras

The best way is to use a hygienic applicator and avoid double dipping into the liquid in case you need more of its contents. Using a new applicator for every dip will be most preferred as it will prevent the product from getting contaminated.

Hygiene for your lip gloss

The same etiquettes should be applied just like in the case of liquid cosmetics. Applying directly with the applicator included in the product should be avoided. A clean disposable applicator is the best way to maintain hygiene for your lip gloss. You can also use a mixing palette.

Taking care of your liquid cosmetics

Empty the amount to be used onto a mixing palette and use a soft and clean sponge or a brush for application. Avoid your tools getting in contact with the mouth of the bottle. This applies to all bottled cosmetics.


NOTE – The alcohol mentioned here refers to 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

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