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Make up for the ramp is a different game altogether. You have a vision to keep in mind while working on the makeup. While each and every model must look different, you cannot let their look lose focus from the designer’s vision. The team at MakeUpByDebasree are the best ramp makeup artists in Kolkata.

Balance Vision and The Runaway Look

Ramp Makeup tends to focus more on fashion and makeup trends. It also depends largely on the preference of the designer and the idea he or she wants to highlight and portrait through the look they have created. The makeup artist is under a lot of pressure to keep the makeup bold and dramatic, but without taking away the focus from the clothes.

MakeUpByDebasree makes sure the application technique is done lightly and is kept natural with emphasis on highlighting the prominent features of the models like the cheekbones, eyes and the lips.

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Get the clean look with tinted moisturizer while you flush your cheeks. Flush cheeks with nude blush then smack the lips with lip liner and fill them up with a shadow of your preference. Use a flat brush to apply orange blush on the edges of your eyes for a retro look.

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Smudgy eyes are in. Use a primer then draw a cat-eye using a pencil. Use an angular cross brush to create the winged eyeliner and then use the eye shadow smudge and mix the two colours along the brow bone.

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MakeUpByDebasree often does quick makeovers for the eye using coloured eye crayon. The makeup artist applies them on the lids and lash lines and then smudges them. This technique is faster than the usual technique of using an eye-shadow palette and hence is preferred in the modelling industry.

Be Glamorous and Stylish With MakeUpBy Debasree’s Ramp Makeup

MakeUpByDebasree’s Ramp Makeup is all about making you look gorgeous while highlighting the vision of the designer. The ramp makeup is something that can’t be worn outside the runway, but many experts are starting to claim that there are ways to adapt the ramp look into everyday appearance. Apart from makeup, MakeUpByDebasree also focuses on hair styling. Hair plays an important role in the ramp. Every aspect of the model’s body is used to tell a story or communicate a vision and hence every part of the body needs to be done in a distinct fashion.

Being an expert when it comes to makeup and styling, Debasree’s MakeUpByDebasree is always the right choice when it comes to ramp makeup. MakeUpByDebasree has the best team of ramp makeup artists in Kolkata.

Ramp makeup is all about a vision or an idea. The makeup artist has to incarnate the fantasy and vision of the designer and present it on the runway for the world to see. The artist should create a look that would make the model look stunning while making sure that the product she is modelling doesn’t fade out. Given the experience of the artists at MakeUpByDebasree they know how to bring out the best with their ramp makeup.

For the ramp makeup, apart from the vision of the designer, the artist also needs to focus on the features of the model, the weather that the collection is focused on. The makeup should be clean and stylish at the same time. The ramp makeup changes depending on the time of the day. The day time look would be more towards the natural look, soft and pastel based. The night look would be focused on gloss, shine and bright colours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contact MakeUpByDebasree?

The best and most efficient way to contact Debasree and her team is to call them up at the number provided on the website. In case, your call isn’t answered, do not worry, since someone from the salon will give you a call back at the earliest. Debasree is also active on Skype, so you can chat with her there. There is also a contact form available on the website, fill it up with your details and queries and you will be contacted shortly with a response.

What are the Different Packages for Ramp Make up?

MakeUpByDebasree has a wide range of packages for ramp makeup. There are different packages depending on your requirement and budget. Whether it is an anniversary, corporate parties or a date night, you can count on MakeUpByDebasree to make you look beautiful. The prices will depend on the number of models who need to be decked up and also venue of the makeup. There are different packages on offer depending on your preference. Call today to find out more!

What Kind of Products Are Being Used?

Debasree’s top priority is her clients. She has been working in this industry for a very long time and has built a reputation for herself. Being a makeup artist herself with an experience in Lakmé and VLCC she believes in using only the best products in the market. She looks closely for skin troubles when a client visits for the same time and will determine what products to use on their skin depending on their skin condition.

How Early Should I Make An Appointment?

The team at MakeUpByDebasree are usually tied up with a large number of clients. It is advised that you book the makeup artist and stylist at the earliest so that you can get them for the modelling assignment of your choice. The wedding seasons see a huge rush and hence you might not find a slot that is of your choice Connect with Debasree at the earliest so that you can make an appointment.

Will They head to the Venue To Extend The Ramp Makeup Service?

Yes, MakeUpByDebasree is a mobile salon. If the client is unable to visit them the makeup artist will head over to your place of preference for the same services. You can rest assured that the quality of service will be the same be it in the salon or at another venue. However, you need to book ahead of time since the makeup artists often end up getting more than one client for a day and might not be free to accommodate the visit.

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