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Buying Beauty Products – Know the Ingredients Well

Investing in cosmetics not only means spending in mere beauty products but it also means investing in your health. You can never ignore health concerns while buying your beauty essentials. Well, it’s sad to say that most of us choose to be oblivious of the ingredient contents while shopping for cosmetics. Owing to the wide range of health hazards that can occur as a result of harmful chemicals present in beauty products, today we have something called “green cosmetics” taking the world by storm. These organic cosmetics take care of your health while beautifying you. So, let’s get to dig into the details of toxin free make-up and organic beauty!

The Pink Ribbon Campaign

October has now emerged as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you must have seen that various big brands are selling cosmetics with pink ribbons. This is a popular strategy initiated by many companies to increase awareness about breast cancer but a bitter truth is that most of our daily use make-up products contain certain ingredients that can raise our chances of having breast cancer.

A recent study has unearthed the fact that most of the ingredients used in standard beauty products have been linked to breast cancer. The presence of a number of carcinogenic contents is found even in the major brands. This is indeed a serious concern as carcinogens are the most harmful substances that can lead to cancer. Some ingredients are harmful for your skin and can even result in skin ailments. It’s high time you take a switch to organic personal care products in order to stay beautiful the safe way. Here’s taking a look at how can you buy the best organic products.


Tips to follow

  • Give the label a good read – This is indeed a must-do thing while you shop for cosmetics. Each and every product comes with a label that has a list of the ingredients used. For example, if you are buying a mascara and if the ingredient list shows items like sulfate, phthalate, paraben, toluene or triclosan then you can be sure that the product will not be a safe buy and is not at all organic no matter how much it is claimed to be so.
  • Take the help of the internet – It’s not necessary that you have to trust the ingredient list with all your heart. You can take help from two very useful websites – The Skin Deep Database and Good Guide. You can get an instant rating on the safety of any of the ingredients of your favorite personal care product on these websites. This will help you to verify more precisely whether the listed ingredients are safe for your health or not.
  • Go for trustworthy brands – Well, the truth is that every single brand of personal care and beauty products contains at least one or more ingredients that are offensive in nature. What you can do is search up for the safety facts of your favourite brand in websites like The Skin Deep Database and Good Guide. You can also opt for taking time out of your busy schedule and devote it towards finding a trusted brand by gathering information about it from the internet and other sources. Trustworthy brands will never disappoint you.


Stay safe! Stay beautiful!

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