Makeup Lessons and Self Makeup Courses From Professional Experts

Are you wondering what can be achieved by taking a self makeup course? While it might sound different, you should know that the self makeup course can help all those who have been applying their makeup in the same manner for years or who have never applied makeup, but would like to make a start.


Self Makeup Course To Help You Look More Beautiful

The self makeup course helps you learn how to become flawless and beautiful. Discover the tricks to enhance your best features and look even better than you do. When you look good, you feel confident and that is what we aim to achieve. With MakeUpByDebasree’s Self Makeup course, you can infuse new life into your everyday look.

The Self Makeup Course teaches you how to apply makeup effectively and equally. You learn how to recognize the right shades and tones for you. It is easy to go wrong in this department. MakeUpByDebasree teaches you how to pick the right colours that suit your skin tone and personality. You learn the different application and blending techniques, correction and concealing and highlighting and contouring. This course from MakeUpByDebasree helps you understood how to select the right makeup kit and also how to stock your makeup kit and maintain the kit.

This makeup lesson is tailored made for those interested in improving their art of makeup application without looking at a professional career in the field. This course teaches you how to best apply makeup on yourself.

If you want to learn hair styling, you can club it with this course for a comprehensive lesson. There are hair styling lessons where you can learn how to tie your hair differently while taking care of it from the chemicals used for styling. You also get an idea about the different products and how to use them for the best results.

The duration of this course is usually around one week. Call up MakeUpByDebasree to get more information.

How the Self Makeup Course Works

The course helps amateurs figure out everything about makeup. The course teaches you the different techniques and application processes slowly. You get time to get an idea about how to apply the different products and layer them up for texture and drama. You also get time to discuss with the experts about the different looks that will work for you and ask questions and advices for your personal beauty handbook.

You learn about the best skin care routine for your skin, a simple makeup routine, learn about colours that help you get a natural look, application tips for a long-lasting look and also makeup tips and advice for special occasions.

The full range of products is provided to you at the start of the course, so that you have a full makeup kit when you begin with the Self Makeup Course.

Hair Styling course is offered by MakeUpByDebasree, which can be clubbed with the Self Make Course for a more comprehensive lesson.

Feedbacks from Student

Olipriya Dutta: “Being a part of the aviation industry, I am required to apply makeup and do my hair up. Since I never had a knack for makeup, I enrolled in the Self Makeup Course offered by MakeUpByDebasree to learn the techniques. The course helped me a lot.”

Meghna Sharma: “While I have always loved to apply makeup, there are certain techniques that you can perfect with professional help. I wanted to learn the correct techniques and ways to better my makeup application. I joined the Self Makeup Course a few days back and I am loving it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contact MakeUpByDebasree?

The best and most efficient way to contact MakeUpByDebasree is to call them up at the number provided on the website. In case, your call isn’t answered, do not worry, since someone from the salon will give you a call back at the earliest. Debasree is also active on Skype, so you can chat with her there. There is also a contact form available on the website, fill it up with your details and queries and you will be contacted shortly with a response.

Who Is Eligible For The Course?

Anyone with a knack for makeup and colour can avail the Self Makeup course. You need to complete at least Class XII to enrol yourself for the makeup lessons offered by MakeUpByDebasree. However, given the small size of the classes, it is recommended that you keep a tab on their enrolment time. This ensures that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to avail the course because of limited seats.

Can I Enroll For The Lessons While Having a Full Time Job?

Yes, you can avail the makeup lessons offered by MakeUpByDebasree despite having a full time job. The course timings are flexible to suit working professionals. So we can work out a slot suited for you. Most of the sessions take place during the weekend, so you will not have to compromise on your job.

How Long Do The Course Take?

While most of the courses are usually a week or two long, you can complete the course in 1-2 months depending on the level you are at. There are a large number of courses for you to pick from and you can tailor them to your requirement. This arrangement changes the duration depending on your lesson choice. It is better that you directly call up MakeUpByDebasree and talk to them about the courses you want to avail and get an idea about the duration.

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