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MakeUpByDebasree is your ticket to a stylish career in the glamour industry. The beauty and fashion industry is one of the best career options in recent times. If you are passionate about makeup and colour, have an eye for detail and drama, this is your chance to make it large!

Get The Best Makeup Lessons From The Team of Experts

The makeup lessons offered by MakeUpByDebasree are the best mentoring you can get. Given Debasree’s experience in the field, she is the leading mentor in Kolkata when it comes to Makeup Lessons. Unlike most makeup schools, MakeUpByDebasree has a small intake, which keeps the class size small and also ensures the best of the best are trained. The limited students in each batch also ensure that the training is more personalized and professional. MakeUpByDebasree has a large range of makeup lessons.

MakeUp ByDebasree provides a unique and innovative training in professional makeup techniques. When you enrol with the programme, the school will give you all the makeup products in your kit for you to train with. Whether you are aspiring makeup artist, or someone who wants to brush up her makeup

Different Makeup Lessons Offered

Personal Makeup

This makeup lesson is tailored made for those interested in improving their art of makeup application without any aim at a professional career in the field. This course teaches you how to best apply makeup on yourself.

The duration of this course is usually around one week. Call up MakeUpByDebasree to get more information.

Professional Makeup Lessons!

This course is for those individuals who want to make work as a makeup artist. The course offers adequate training to prepare them for their chosen career path. First the basic aspects of makeup is brushed upon, after which, the technical structures are dealt with. The emphasis on this kind of lesson is to work on makeup for high definition media.

The professional makeup lesson includes training for party, ramp, and bridal makeup. This becomes part of the specialization. After the first week of basic training, you can take your pick, choosing either one of these or all of them depending on your preference.

The duration of this course is around three weeks and is more intense with plenty of practical assignments. Call up MakeUpByDebasree for information on course fees.

Hair Styling course is offered by MakeUpByDebasree, which can be clubbed with the Self Make Course for a more comprehensive lesson.

Feedbacks from Student

Meha Ganguly: “Since I am in the hospitality industry, I am expected to look my best. Since I didn’t know how to apply makeup, I did a short course on Personal Makeup with MakeUpByDebasree. The course was intense and educative and I learnt a lot from it.”

Arjun Nair: “I always wanted to make a mark in the glamour indsutry. With MakeUpByDebasree I got the scope. I enrolled for the Professional Makeup course and learnt all the tricks in the trade. Today I am interning with a leading fashion brand, with a job opportunity in the movie industry. I would recommend the makeup lessons offered by Debasree ma’am to everyone interested in this field.”

Anchal Sharma: “The bridal makeup course is thorough and intense. I have done the Professional Makeup and I am currently pursuing the Bridal Makeup course from MakeUpByDebasree. The class sizes are small, which helps the students learn faster and there are plenty of practical assignments to develop their confidence. The team here is the best one can find. They are dedicated and have professional experience.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contact MakeUpByDebasree?
The best and most efficient way to contact MakeUpByDebasree is to call them up at the number provided on the website. In case, your call isn’t answered, do not worry, since someone from the salon will give you a call back at the earliest. Debasree is also active on Skype, so you can chat with her there. There is also a contact form available on the website, fill it up with your details and queries and you will be contacted shortly with a response.
Who Is Eligible For The Course?
Anyone with a knack for makeup and colour can avail these courses. You need to complete at least Class XII to enrol yourself for these makeup lessons. However, given the small size of the classes, it is recommended that you keep a tab on their enrolment time. It ensures that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to avail the course because of limited seats..
Can I Enroll For The Lessons While Having a Full Time Job?
Yes, you can avail the makeup lessons offered by MakeUpByDebasree despite having a full time job. The course timings are flexible to suit working professionals. So we can work out a slot suited for you. Most of the sessions take place during the weekend, so you will not have to compromise on your job.
What are the Job Prospects like?
If you are passionate and creative about makeup and enjoy working with people, then the lessons open up a lot of job opportunities for you. You get to work with industry experts and secure an opportunity to work with them. You can work in the fashion industry, film industry or simply open your own salon. We will teach and guide you through the whole process while you start on a new career path.
How long does the course take?
While most of the courses are usually a week or two long, you can complete the course in 1-2 months depending on the level you are at. There are a large number of courses for you to pick from and you can tailor them to your requirement. This arrangement changes the duration depending on your lesson choice. It is better that you directly call up MakeUpByDebasree and talk to them about the courses you want to avail and get an idea about the duration.

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