The Basic Elements a Makeup Artist Just Can’t Do Without

Being a professional makeup artist is simply not a piece of cake. You need to take care of various elements that form an integral part of your job. Here let’s have a look at some of the inevitable for a makeup artist!

  • Positive attitude – Having a positive attitude really important as it is certainly going to take you a long way ahead. Right from the time you meet your client for the first time till you complete your session with him or her you need to have that much needed confidence that will help you in bringing out the best in you and also create a positive impact on your customer.
  • Foundations – The most inevitable part of makeup is the foundation as it helps in creating a flawless base, for the colour cosmetics to be conspicuous. Available in different formulas and skin shades, foundations should be there in your kit in a wealthy amount at all times.
  • Blushes – These coloured products cannot be done away with at any cost. You need to stuff your kit with a healthy collection of these to ensure that you have all the shades handy at all times. Powder, cream, liquid and mineral blushes should be kept in varied formulations.
  • Bronzers – They are used to add a little of dimension to the face. A bronzer is a contouring product which is used on the hollows of the cheeks, the jaw line and any other area, where the natural shadows fall. Make sure you have both the matte as well as the shimmery ones.
  • Brow shadows or liners –To give a clear definition to the eyes, brow shadows are really vital. Make sure you have a complete set of all colors so that it is easy to mix and match. Liners too should be kept in different shades apart from the traditional black one in order to meet the changing demands of the client.
  • Cape to protect clothing – It is common practice to cover the customers’ clothes with a cape, to protect their clothes from any kind of marks and stains. Since a number of liquid and runny products are applied during the makeup process, there is a high chance that it may fall on the clothes worn by the customer. So this is a must for safety purpose.
  • Concealers – They are an integral part of makeup, as they are high coverage formulas which can hide a number of blemishes. Usually used around the eye area to cover up dark circles they are also used around the mouth area which is slightly darker than the rest of the face. The liquid and cream formulas are a must to possess.
  • Cotton swabs – Also known as ear buds, they are ideal for applying makeup in the small crevices of the face. Usually used to blend kohl, or to apply highlighters in the inner corner of the eye and to scrap away any kind of mistakes in the makeup they are a great and inexpensive make up tool.
  • Cuticle scissors – These are used to trim the dead skin around the finger and toe nails. They come mostly in pedicure and manicure kits, and should be handled by professionals only. With the increasing need of grooming hands and feet, cuticle scissors have become a much needed tool in every professional’s kit.
  • Disposable makeup applicators – These are ideally used by professionals, because these are used to apply makeup on different clients; same make up applicators are bacteria carriers. Mostly used in the form of sponges, q-tips and cotton pads, they are a good way to apply makeup without any transfer of bacteria, because they are thrown away after every use.
  • Eyelash curler – These are used to define the eyelashes, to give them a shape and direction. Ideally used to curl and lift the lashes, they add a dimension to the eyes. Eye lash curlers are generally used before applying mascara. It gives a fuller and longer look to the lashes.
  • Eyeliners – These are great alternative to kohl pencils and help in opening up the eyes. Gel, liquids, pencils, eyeliners can be found it different formulas. Black being the traditional color choice, make sure you also stuff your kit with a healthy number of other much demanded shades like brown, blue, dark green, etc.
  • Eyeshadows – Available in a plethora of shades, they allow you to add an extra ounce of glamour to your client’s face. Good quality eyeshadows are highly pigmented and you must get yourself a collection of branded eyeshadows.
  • Facial cleaner or make up remover – With long lasting, water proof makeup becoming so popular the need has arisen for makeup removers, or facial cleansers. They are usually oil based formulas and help in removing the products without much effort; they simply glide on to the skin and remove every trace of dirt giving you a clean surface to work on.
  • False lashes – False lashes help in adding glamour to the eyes. The eyes being the prime feature of Indian makeup, falsies are fast becoming popular. They are available in different sizes, shapes and structure and can be applied with the help of an adhesive.
  • Headbands/ Hair clips – Head bands are usually used to keep hair locks away from the face, while applying makeup. It can be quite annoying when stray hair strands interrupt the makeup application process. So keep bands and clips to work without irritation.
  • Lash adhesive -Since false eyelashes are becoming popular, people are not shying away from experimenting. Lash adhesives are used on false lashes, for them to stick on to the lash line. These are very mild formulas and you must get these for your makeup kit.
  • Lip balms – Lip balms are nourishing formulas applied on the lips, to bring back the moisture and give a glossy finish to the lips. In case your client has chapped lips then applying lip balm will give your client’s lips a smooth texture.
  • Lip glosses – They give an amazing shine to the lips taking the look to a different level. Available in a wide spectrum of colors and formulas, always keep a good set of shimmery as well as matte lip glosses.
  • Lip liners – These are used to enhance the appearance of the lip area. They also help in increasing the wear-time of the lipsticks. Available in a number of shades, they come in retractable and non-retractable pencil forms.
  • Lipsticks – Talk of make-up and you simply cannot forget lipstick. No makeup is complete without lipstick. Generally categorised in matte and creamy formulation, they are available in hundreds of shades to flatter varied complexions; so make sure you always have a generous set of lipsticks.
  • Makeup palettes –A makeup palette contains different products in a single container. All products are kept in separate slots, making the tool a handy makeup kit. Lipsticks, compacts, cream concealers, eyeshadows etc come in a palette form. A set of brushes are also given along with it to ease the application process.
  • Makeup sponges/ wedges – Makeup sponges are used to create a flawless, picture perfect make up base. These are used for high coverage foundations, because sponges and wedges have the ability to cover up pigmentation while blending high coverage formulas. Their unique shape helps in applying makeup in different nooks and corners of the countenance.
  • Mascaras – It adds some definition to the eyelashes, and opens up the eyes. Available in washable, water resistant and water proof variants, they are easy to remove with the help of a makeup remover.
  • Moisturizers or primers -They are an essential before applying makeup as they enhance the wear time of the foundation and concealers. Plus, they also create a shield between the skin and the cosmetic products, helping the products to glide easily, making the application smoother and even. If the skin is not primed or moisturised, then the foundation can look cakey and patchy.
  • Palette knife and/or spatulas – These are handy tools, because they help in creating different colors by mixing the available shades. Spatulas are used to mix foundations and concealers, to find a true match for the skin. They ease the process and are a boon for professional makeup artists.
  • Powders –Since foundations and concealers are liquid formulas, powder products are generally used to mattify the area. Misinterpreted as brightening agents, the main purpose of powders is to absorb the excess oil and sebum, to give a clear shine-free look. Available in different formulations like compact, lose and mineral forms they are the most preferred and you must possess them.
  • Professional makeup brush set – Used for applying foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes and bronzers, they are a must have in every makeup professional’s kit. You can opt for synthetic or natural hair brushes as per your choice and budget.
  • Professional brush cleaner – If makeup brushes are not cleaned up thoroughly they can become the breeding spot of bacteria and can cause pimple and acne. Cleaning the brushes requires a makeup cleaner which has anti-bacterial properties, to remove all traces of dirt and makeup from them.
  • Tissues/ paper towels – They are an imperative part of the makeup kit because they help in dabbing excessive sweat and oil form the face. There are many companies which have come up with make-up removal tissues, which are great for removing make up and correcting smudges. You can purchase them in bulk and stock them.
  • Tweezers – Tweezers are used to pluck out unwanted hair from the facial area, especially the eyebrows. If used with a steady hand, one may not even require threading or waxing of the brows.
  • Gum or mints – With all the makeup completed and the hair done, one starts looking like a celebrity, but to avoid any kind of embarrassment regarding foul breath, mint chewing gums are often handed over to the customers to keep bad breath at bay. These things are often overlooked, but it is equally important as makeup.
  • Train Case – An absolute must-have for a makeup professional, train cases are necessary for holding different kinds of cosmetics, brushes, tools, etc. Make sure you get one that is strong and nicely compartmentalized. An organised train case assures that you have all that you require at the location so that you don���t have to waste your time in searching for anything.
  • Business cards- Advertisement is extremely essential for a makeup artist. Once you are done with your session with the client make sure you leave your card with him or her just in case your services are needed in future or someone else can be referred to you as well.

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