First impressions are always formed by the way a person dresses and this holds a lot of truth on how a bride dresses up on her wedding day and on all the pre-wedding ceremonies. Girls love to dress and every bride dreams about how she would dress up for her D-Day. The stunning saree, the gorgeous lehenga and the beautiful accessories that a bride flaunts on all the days require a lot of thought and time.

We have provided a go-to list of trousseau that will help a to-be bride keep a check on before her wedding.

  1. Saree

Every Indian bride must have a timeless traditional piece of saree in her wedding trousseau. No matter what her figure is, Indian women look stunning when draped in a 12 yards saree. When you are selecting a saree for your wedding collection, stick to a color scheme that you are comfortable with and one that works with your skin tone. You will need the saree for visiting relative’s places and for attending pujas and other social events. If you are wearing a saree for your wedding day, you can easily combine traditional and modern.




  1. Lehenga Choli

A lehenga choli will bare your waist, so make sure that you consider a choli that is comfortable yet stylish and appeals to your body shape. You can go for a full embroidered lehenga with a contrast choli and zari dupatta. Keep in time the time of the day and pick your color. Since it is part of your wedding trousseau, you can pick bright colors





3. Blouses

Blouses are essential for a newly married bride. Keep at least four to five blouses that perfectly fit you. Go for interesting designs and colors. Mix and match your blouses with different sarees. It is always safe to keep some blouses in basic colors that will go with any sarees. This prevents the hassle of stitching new blouses for all the sarees that you will get on your wedding day. Make sure that you wear and fit your blouses prior to your wedding day to avoid any last minute issues with fitting.



  1. Footwear

While you might be tempted to buy beautiful stilettos for your wedding collection, it will help if you buy comfortable flats for the D-Day. You have to stand and greet guests and move around most of the time and those high heels are surely not going to make things easy. Keep some stilettos in hand, but keep those flat and bellies closer.




  1. Jewelry

Keep your jewelry shopping for the end. Once you have bought all your clothes, match your jewelry with them and buy. This helps you have a set for your different outfits so that you have the scope to wear them in the future. Don’t spend only on heavy sets since you will hardly get to wear them. Buy sets that will go with majority of your traditional clothes and also invest in light jewelry that you can easily wear for different occasions.




Spend on these five essentials and make sure that you do not load yourself with makeup or perfume to become the prettiest bride in town!