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3 Essential Traits to Look for In A Makeup Artist

Looking extraordinarily beautiful on her wedding always scores on the top list of every girl. And if you want to achieve this wedding day goal then you should never trust the expertise of your own self or anyone else apart from a professional makeup artist. Bridal makeup is not the same as regular makeup and if you want to look no less than a princess on your special day then get in touch with a professional soon.

Bridal makeup involves giving your face a beautiful transformation that looks glamorous yet natural at the same time. Entrusting a pro leaves you tension free and helps you to avoid pre-wedding jitters. If you want to succeed in getting yourself an excellent bridal makeup artist then look for the following essential traits and you are certain to get the one who will weave magic and turn you into a royal princess!



It is quite a wrong practice to think that all makeup artists are talented. Well, the word “makeup artist” is a mere label and what distinguishes an artist from an expert is professionalism. It is suggested that you must consider the experience and skill of the makeup artist before finalizing him or her. A skilled and experienced makeup artist possesses the expertise to use the right combination of colors and should know what features to enhance and what to deemphasize. He should have an understanding of lighting and camera techniques as well so that he can relate them well with your makeup. It is very vital for a makeup artist to know that how your look will be captured on film and how will it be portrayed. Make sure the artist is trained in photographic makeup and possesses a license as well. Never assume that all in-house artists of spas and salons are trained in bridal makeup. You should do a thorough investigation regarding their experience and expertise before zeroing anyone. You can take help from other wedding consultants and wedding photographers or friends and relatives who have recently been married. You can check the photographs of other brides to know whether their makeup artist was good or not.

Reliable skills

Before you finalize a makeup artist it is very important that you have a look at his portfolio. Once you look at the images of the brides he has worked with, you will get an idea of the kind of work he does. Talk with the artist about your requirements. Make sure he knows that you want your makeup to complement your bridal dress, jewelry and hairstyle. Remember that the makeup should not look over the top but should appear gorgeous yet elegant at the same time. You can also ask the artist to show you his makeup kit so that you can be assured that he has a good and extensive collection of good quality makeup products.

Compatible attitude

While you are having a talk with the makeup artist do make it a point to understand whether he has a compatible attitude or not. After all, you would never want your makeup artist to get you on your nerves on your wedding day, thus, a pleasing attitude is a must-have quality apart from his expertise. This will help you to be more confident on your wedding day.

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