The Secret of Contouring Know the Basics
If you have a knack in contouring then you can rightly be called the “makeup genie”. Contouring is a very significant skill and going by the verdict of experts, “each and every makeup application technique involves contouring on some level or the other.” However, most of us are of the view that attaining the perfect contour at home is simply inaccessible and way too tricky. But this is not true! With every makeup involving contouring techniques, you need to know that when you are contouring all you are doing is enhancing your natural features. If you want to know the ultimate secret of contouring and get a basic look with the help of this technique then read ahead to find out!

The effect of contouring will look different on different persons as it mostly depends on the facial features. There is only one mantra that can help you attain perfection in this art – practice”. Keep on trying different angles and colors and discover what suits your face. You may be shocked to know that most people do it on a regular basis; thus, it’s high time that you take the plunge as well.

Contouring involves two key techniques – highlighting and lowlighting. Highlighting refers to using lighter shades on those  areas that you intend to emphasize. Shimmery/ frosted or matte shades are favored for highlighting. The opposite of highlighting is lowlighting where you use a darker tone on the regions that you want to de emphasize or ebb. This can be perfectly done with the help of a shade that is about three tones darker than your skin tone. However, make sure that the product you use is matte and neither glittery nor frosted.

Now let us get set to learn some basic contour tricks for your cheeks, eyes, nose, and jaws. The best tools that can be used for the purpose are powder eye shadows and a good sculpting kit.

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