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South Indian brides are known for their simplicity and demureness. They have a typical traditional appeal which is reflected in their attire and makeup on the D-Day. The team of MakeUpByDebasree are perfect for you to achieve this look.

Partner Up With MakeUpByDebasree To Become Serene and Gorgeous South Indian Bride

The South Indian bridal makeup is timeless and unique. From their beautiful traditional gold jewellery to their gorgeous silk sarees, they are picture of beauty. The expert team at MakeUpByDebasree helps you embrace this look effortlessly. Debasree has the best team who can work their magic on you and transform you into the most gorgeous South Indian bride one has seen. South Indian brides stick to the traditional look, but there are many brides who like to bring in the modern touch as well. The expert team at MakeUpByDebasree has long years of experience in the industry and are competent enough to tackle all kinds of makeup and styling issues. Debasree’s clients can vouch for the standard of their service and will tell you that the team excels in every avenue of bridal makeup. Be it in any event, Debasree and her team are there to deck you up and make you look your best.

Traditional South Indian Bridal Look

South Indian brides are steeped in traditional and beauty. They usually have elaborate hair do with flowers and ornate hair accessories. Whether you stick to the traditional braids or go for modern fishtails, the team will assist you.

Modern South Indian Bridal Look

South Indian brides were regal silk sarees. If you want to be the traditional bride, you can wear them in the traditional style or get a modern touch with stylish manner of draping appropriated by the stylist.

Simple South Indian Bridal Look

Many South Indian brides wear light coloured sarees, especially bride. In order to bring out the bridal appeal, the makeup often needs to be bright. Well done eyes and bright lips are the choice of the makeup artists at South Indian weddings.

Embrace Timelessness With Your South Indian Bridal Look From MakeUpByDebasree!

South Indian bridal look is bright and regal without being loud. The brides look gorgeous in their simplicity. The team at MakeUpByDebasree has mastered all kinds of bridal looks. Debasree understands the client’s needs and delivers on point. The team works closely with the bride to perfect her look. They assist her with her trousseau, drape it for her along with makeup and hair styling. The team is there to help the modern bride perfectly balance the rich traditional look with the most unique modern styles.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Plus there is a lot of pressure on the bride to look her best on her wedding day. With MakeUpByDebasree, she at least doesn’t have to worry about not looking her best on her special day. MakeUpByDebasree will help you out with everything, starting from picking the colour palette to the bridal makeup and hair styling. They will assist you in picking the perfect colour of trousseau that will work with your skin tone. They are your one-stop solution for all bridal makeup and styling needs.

Debasree’s MakeUpByDebasree is the leading salons in Kolkata when it comes to bridal makeup and has the most talented group of stylists and makeup artists. They are the best when it comes to bridal makeup and styling. With their long experience in the field, the team is competent enough to perfect different bridal looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contact MakeUpByDebasree?

The best and most efficient way to contact Debasree and her team is to call them up at the number provided on the website. In case, your call isn’t answered, do not worry, since someone from the salon will give you a call back at the earliest. Debasree is also active on Skype, so you can chat with her there. There is also a contact form available on the website, fill it up with your details and queries and you will be contacted shortly with a response.

Are there Different Packages for South Indian Bridal Make up?

Yes, MakeUpByDebasree has different bridal makeup packages for South Indian brides and her wedding party. MakeUpByDebasree is an expert when it comes to South Indian bridal makeup. There a wide range of packages for different budget and requirement. You can count on MakeUpByDebasree to make you look beautiful no matter what the occasion is. Debasree also offers a large range of makeup packages, apart from regular bridal makeup packages. They are perfect for different occasions. Along with the bride, MakeUpByDebasree also does the makeup and hair styling for other members in the bridal party at discounted prices. There are different packages on offer depending on your preference. Get in touch with Debasree to know more.

Will the Team Come Over For The Makeup and Hair Styling?

Debasree’s top priority is the comfort of her clients. Having worked in bridal makeup for a long time, she knows how difficult it can be for the bride to find time to settle down for makeup and hair styling in a busy wedding household. In such a situation it isn’t always possible for the bride to head to the salon. MakeUpByDebasree is a mobile salon and hence the team can head to the bride’s place to get her ready on the special day.

How Many Days Prior To The Wedding Should I Make An Appointment?

It might not be possible to get a last minute appointment with MakeUpByDebasree during the wedding season. If your wedding date is decided in advance, it is advised that you book the makeup artist and stylist at the earliest. Given the huge rush during the wedding season, you might find a slot that is of your choice. Plus, if you are planning on using their service for other ceremonies prior to the wedding, you might not find slots open. Connect with MakeUpByDebasree at the earliest so that you can fix your sessions with them and also take their help for picking the perfect trousseau for your wedding day.

When Can I Avail A Trial Session?

MakeUpByDebasree allows their clients to avail trial sessions. Debasree suggests that the bride sits for the trials for Muslim bridal look at least two or three months prior to her wedding. This gives her ample time to work out on the changes required for the final day. MakeUpByDebasree organises these trial sessions both at the salon and at the client’s home. Decide on the place according to your convenience. Apart from hair and makeup, Debasree makes the bride wear her wedding trousseau with the jewellery to give her an idea about her final look for the D-Day. The bride can ask for changes as she wishes and Debasree might also make suggestions for changes as required.

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