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Become the most gorgeous Assamese bride this wedding season with the renowned team at MakeUpByDebasree. Watch them work wonders with your makeup and hairstyle and mekhala chador

Be The Prettiest Assamese Bride On Your Special Day

Assamese brides are known for their beautiful mekhala chador and traditional looks. While you might be wondering how to perfect the look for your traditional Assamese wedding in Kolkata, we have the perfect solution for you. At MakeUpByDebasree, the team is trained to master the art of makeup when it comes to all kinds of Indian brides. You can completely place your trust on the team at MakeUpByDebasree. They have the best artists and hairstylists and their long list of clients will vouch for their expertise. If you don’t want to go the traditional way on your wedding day, MakeUpByDebasree can also help to get a modern twist with a traditional touch.

Traditional Assamese Bridal Look

Red is always the preferred choice for Assamese brides. A traditional red mekhala chador with a traditional look from MakeUpByDebasree can make you become the most gorgeous traditional Assamese bride that you want to be. Work with the stylists to get your matching set of traditional jewellery pieces for the special day.

Modern Assamese Bridal Look

While most Assamese brides want to go the traditional way, there are many who want to go off the beaten path. MakeUpByDebasree works with you to give you a different way to wear a modern day mekhala chador with unique pieces of jewellery.

Simple Assamese Bridal Look

If you are a bride who doesn’t like wearing heaving jewellery, MakeUpByDebasree can offer you a traditional look with simplicity. Keep your makeup bright and radiant and keep your jewellery to a minimum with a big maang tika and small jaapi earrings and neckpieces.

MakeUpByDebasree Has The Best Team Of Makeup Artists For Your Assamese Bridal Look

Being an expert when it comes to wedding makeup and styling, Debasree’s MakeUpByDebasree is always the right choice when it comes to your wedding day styling and makeup. MakeUpByDebasree is one of the most popular wedding makeup and styling salon in Kolkata and is slowly becoming the top choice for all brides.

Assamese bridal look has always been an appealing choice for brides. Initially there was an idea that a bride needs to follow the traditional look of the community that she belongs to. However, things have started to change now. Now brides pick up a look of their choice depending on their choice and preference. They can go for any bridal look on their special day, irrespective of the community they belong to. If your preferred look for your wedding is the Assamese bridal look, you have the best team to work with you and for you.

When you plan on working with MakeUpByDebasree you cut down your tension about how you will look on your wedding and the other days. As a bride, there are other important things that you need to look into, so the last thing you want to worry about is the makeup, hair styling and related things. Shopping for the wedding is also a huge task, which needs to be tackled. MakeUpByDebasree can help you out in this avenue as well, since the stylist will work with you closely to help you choose the colour palette for the wedding trousseau. They do this to match your skin tone. It is easy to go wrong in these situations and this why you need an expert guide to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contact MakeUpByDebasree?

The best and most efficient way to contact Debasree and her team is to call them up at the number provided on the website. In case, your call isn’t answered, do not worry, since someone from the salon will give you a call back at the earliest. Debasree is also active on Skype, so you can chat with her there. There is also a contact form available on the website, fill it up with your details and queries and you will be contacted shortly with a response.

What are the Different Packages for Assamese Bridal Make up?

MakeUpByDebasree has a wide range of packages for Assamese bridal makeup. There are different packages depending on your requirement and budget. Apart from that Debasree also offers a large range of makeup packages that are perfect for different occasions. Whether it is an anniversary, corporate parties or a date night, you can count on MakeUpByDebasree to make you look beautiful. Apart from the bride, MakeUpByDebasree can also do the makeup and styling for others in the bridal party at discounted prices. There are different packages on offer depending on your preference. Call today to find out more!

Will MakeUpByDebasree Help Me Pick Up My Assamese Bridal Trousseau?

Yes, definitely! When you ask Debasree for help, she will make sure that she is there with you for all your wedding styling and makeup needs. Starting from helping you pick the perfect colour for you, she will also tell you the style that you should go for. From choosing your mekhala chador to the traditional jewellery pieces, the stylists at MakeUpByDebasree will help you with all the details. The stylist will go over the style with you and help you make changes wherever required according to your preference. They will also drape the mekhala chador in its unique style for your wedding.

How Early Should I Make An Appointment?

The team at MakeUpByDebasree are usually tied up with a large number of orders during the wedding season. If the date of your wedding is decided in advance, it is advised that you book the makeup artist and stylist at the earliest. The wedding season sees a huge rush and hence you might find a slot that is of your choice. Plus, if you are planning on using their service for other ceremonies prior to the wedding, you might not find slots open. Connect with Debasree at the earliest so that you can pace out your sessions with them and also take their help for picking the perfect trousseau for your wedding day.

Will I Get To Avail A Trial Session?

Yes, MakeUpByDebasree allows their clients to avail trial sessions. These sessions usually take place a week or two before the wedding so that you can work on the problems well in advance. You will have a trial session for your Assamese bridal makeup and hairstyle. Debasree suggests that the bride wears her complete trousseau to get a clear idea of the final look. This helps the bride get an idea about how she will look on her wedding and make changes subsequently.

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