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The team at MakeUpByDebasree is trained for perfection. They understand what their clients want and deliver on point. Every single time! No event is complete without a session with Debasree and her team. She is the best makeup artist in Kolkata and her reputation speaks for herself.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup might seem to be an easy task, but it clearly isn’t. For a bride, the most important day of her is her wedding day and she needs to feel and look gorgeous and perfect for the same. The bridal look that she decides on needs to reflect her personality and style. The day will last forever in her mind and things need to be perfect. From subtle to dramatic, from bold to natural, MakeUpByDebasree does it all. From makeup to hairstyling to draping the trousseau, everything is looked after. The service can be availed both in the salon and at home. Call to make a reservation, today!

Bridal Hairstyle

For her bride every aspect of her should be perfect on her wedding day. Since she would be the focus for the day, along with her makeup, her hair needs to be perfect. Since they say ‘hair maketh a (wo)man,’ the bride’s hair style should compliment her clothes and her look. The right hair style can accentuate a bride’s beauty while a sloppy one can make her uncomfortable and ruin the day for her. MakeUpByDebasree works closely with the brides to give them what they want. They know the importance of a bridal hairstyle and provide the right style and hair accessories to make sure that she is tressed to perfection.

Bengali Bridal Makeup

The Bengali bride is known for her traditional attire and look. The wedding is serene and colourful and the bride’s look needs to compliment the occasion. While the traditional Bengali look has become mainstream thanks to the media, MakeUpByDebasree will make sure that you get a unique modern touch with the traditional look. Make a reservation today to get the right makeup to accentuate and enhance your best features. Debasree and her team are known for their perfection, be it the gorgeous red bindi or the intricate chandan designs on the forehead. The team will also help you drape the saree in the traditional Bengali style to complete the look.

Marwari Bridal Makeup

A Marwari bride looks distinctly different from other Indian brides. MakeUpByDebasree compliments the makeup along with the colour of the bridal lehenga choli and the bride’s skin palette. The traditional Marwari look is impeccably achieved by Debasree and her team. She also helps the brides select and finalise her accessories. Marwari brides are known for their intricate Rajasthani mehendis and MakeUpByDebasree has talented mehendi artists to paint elaborate and intricate designs on the bride’s arms and feet. Being a mobile setup, MakeUpByDebasree will go over to the bride’s to apply the mehendi. Call for reservations before the slots are filled!

Gujrati Bridal Makeup

Gujarati bridal look is high on tradition. The focus is on highlighting the features of the bride and giving her a fresh and clean look. The makeup is kept simple and the focus is on the glow. The Gujarati bride keeps the hairstyle classic with a low or side bun and use elegant accessories to complete the look. The focus on this bridal look is traditional kundan jewellery with large matha tikka, earrings and neckpieces. The bride wears bangles and anklets to complete the look. MakeUpByDebasree will assist the bride to get the perfect set of accessories for her wedding day and help her drape her saree in the traditional manner to achieve the traditional Gujarati look.

Muslim Bridal Makeup

Debasree and her team will help you nail the Muslim bridal look. The focus of the Muslim bride is her sensuous eyes, while the makeup is minimal. Elaborate head ornamentation and hair styles are part of the bridal look for Muslims. Even though the hair is covered with a dupatta, the sheer quality of the veil allows the styling to be visible. MakeUpByDebasree has expert artists to accentuate the eyes with heavy kohl and eye makeup. They balance the look out with bright lips and minimal makeup on the face. The team has some of the best hair stylists in the market who work wonders on the hair with hair accessories.

Punjabi Bridal Makeup

Punjabi brides are bold and colourful and the bridal look reflects the same. The look involves bold glittery eyes and bright lips and highlights. Since the bride will wear bride coloured trousseau, the colours should be balanced out. While Punjabi brides follow their traditional look, they often steer away from it and MakeUpByDebasree will help the bride bring in a touch of modernity and her own personality into the wedding look. The team knows how to perfect the look with the right amount of glitter and bronzer to help the bride look bright and radiating on her special day.

South Indian Bridal Makeup

South Indian bridal look goes for minimal makeup with focus on the eyes along with elaborate gold jewellery and flowing silk sarees. The team at MakeUpByDebasree will help you select the perfect look for the special day by seeing your choice of trousseau and accessories. Since the south Indian bride wears fresh flowers on her hair, they will provide the same on the wedding day. The brides usually stick to the traditional hairstyles with net covered long braids or low buns with flowers to decorate, the hair stylist will perfect the look after the trial sessions.

Mehendi Artist

If you have a penchant for drawing and want to learn how to apply mehendi and make elaborate and intricate designs for weddings and other special occasions, MakeUpByDebasree offers you courses. Debasree has a team of expert mehendi design artists who conduct these special classes and also work closely with clients for mehendi application. Learn traditional mehendi art that compliments the bride’s look. Learn Arabic, Marwari and other ways of applying mehendi. Contact MakeUpByDebasree for more information!

Beauty Courses

MakeUpByDebasre offers a wide range of courses that can jet set your career in the makeup industry. They offer courses on professional makeup, bridal makeup, hair styling courses along with hair cutting and hair treatment courses. You can also apply for saree draping and styling courses. The courses give you a thorough idea of the products and usage, manner for proper application and selection. Learn different techniques and styles that are always preferred along with new ones that are current favourites. Contact for further details and prices!

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