Introducing Debasree

Your Friendly Makeup Artist From Kolkata

MakeupByDebasree is a reliable and professional team of makeup artists, based out of Kolkata. The team is headed by Debasree Ghosh, a passionate artist, with over five years of experience working at Lakme. Whether you are at home, at work or at a hotel, we can bring our expertise to you. Hence, you don’t need to step out of your comfort zone to get that perfect look that you crave.

Debasree is a skilled Lakme-trained stylist whose passion is to make her clients look pretty and feel confident. She loves to highlight the glamorous side of every individual and is the best at what she does!

How is MakeupByDebasree Different?

MakeupByDebasree has the capability to work under immense pressure imposed by strict deadlines and enormous workload. Be it a hefty Indian Wedding or a strict corporate party, or simply a date with the special someone, we know how to click site make you stand out in a crowd.

We offer a range of Indian bridal makeup, which is bound to cater to the needs of individuals and fit the bill! Book an hour-long session today and we promise you’ll be confident in your skin. We offer easy Do-It-Yourself makeup tips and tricks too! Contact us now to explore in detail.

Why Choose Me?

With the stress of our fast-pace modern lifestyle kicking in, it is hardly surprising that most people don’t get time to pamper themselves! At MakeupByDebasree, we understand the importance of every second and make each count. Hence, we can seamlessly work under pressure.

When you’re in need of a makeup artist in Kolkata, but cannot afford to spend precious time at the salon, contact MakeupByDebasree. We will bring the salon to you!

0980 435 9552

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85 B.L.T Road, Parnasree,
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Kolkata - 700060.

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