Indians already have the most beautiful black hair, but there’s no harm in following an easy hair care regime before the wedding day. If you are getting married in the next few months, it will help in following an easy hair care regime that will improve your tresses and provide volume and shine.

Given below are pre-wedding hair care tips that will improve your tresses.

  1. Identify the Problem

If you have any particular hair problem like hair fall, dandruff or graying of hair, you can consult a physician and dermatologist to identify the reasons for the problems. Once you get a clearer idea, the experts can advice you on how you will tackle the problems to improve the overall quality of your hair.

  1. Follow Proper Diet

Hair improves when you consume a diet that contains Vitamin B12, Omega 3 fatty acids and Zinc. Consume food like fish, especially salmon, eggs, lentils, walnuts and spinach for a healthy hair. Zinc prevents premature whitening and hair loss. Consume food like peanuts, water melon, roast beef and oyster, which are rich in zinc to tackle hair fall and graying problem. Include plenty of cashews, milk and beans in your diet as well.

  1. Avoid External Heat

Try and dry your hair naturally. Excessive use of dryers and curlers and other straightening methods damage the strands. If you cannot do without external heat try applying heat protection serums before using the tools. Towel drying your hair after shampoo is the best way to dry your hair.

  1. Oil and Comb Your Hair

Oil is a great food your hair. Applying oil every week along with a hot oil massage at regular intervals will significantly improve your hair. Try not to keep the oil longer than a day since that will attract dirt to the strands. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Try not to comb your hair when it is wet since it will tend to break. Let it dry a little and then gently use a comb to remove the tangles.

  1. Avoid Stress

Well, this is easier said than done right? You have so much to look into with time running out. Weddings can surely be hectic and stressful, but you need to reduce your level of stress to improve your tress. Try and go for early morning walks and try out meditation and yoga.

  1. Use hair packs

You can apply mehendi and henna on your hair. Try a pack made from eggs and curd to reduce hair fall and dandruff. Apply these hair packs once a week followed by light hair oil massage for a better and healthier tress. If you are planning on coloring your hair before your wedding make sure that you have tried on the preferred shade before and take extra care for your colored hair.

There are a large number of interesting hairstyles that you can opt for on your day. If you follow these six hair care tricks, your tress will look gorgeous even if you don’t want to put an effort on it.