Every bride wants her hairstyle, makeup and trousseau to be perfect for the wedding day! The special day would come only once and all brides go that extra mile to make sure that all aspects of her trousseau, accessories and makeup are exclusive and special. For a bride, her trousseau and hairstyle is as important as her makeup, but it should be kept in mind that a makeup that doesn’t work for her will ruin her entire look.

Makeup is important for a bride and here are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you finalize your wedding makeup package.

  1. Fix Your Budget

In a wedding, it is easy to step over your budget. Like everything else, it is advised that you set aside a part of your budget and try and stick to it. If you are going for a professional makeup artist, you must be prepared for a budget between Rs. 15000 to Rs.1 lakh, and even more, depending on the makeup artist that you zero down on and the products you will use. Take price quotes from different salons and makeup artists to get an idea about your budget.

  1. Look For Offers

Once you have fixed your budget for the makeup package, check for offers that different salons and makeup artists might offer for bridal packages. There are some packages that include free makeup for bride’s mother and sisters. You can also avail certain products on your wedding day and get an offer from them.

  1. Be Open With the Makeup Artist

On the very first session with your makeup artist, talk to her frankly about what you want for your wedding day. Clearly state your choice of palette and also speak out about your skin problems. If there are certain products that don’t suit your skin type, make it very clear from the beginning. You wouldn’t want to spend your wedding day scratching your face and ending up with red rashes because of these issues.

  1. Go for Trials

It doesn’t matter how talented or famous the makeup artist, it is absolutely necessary for you to go for a trial makeup session ahead of your wedding. You can also do your hair and try out your wedding trousseau to get an idea about how you will look on your special day. You can work on the palette and color scheme ahead of time without wasting time on your wedding day. Insist on another trial if you aren’t happy with the first one.

  1. Take Opinions and References

There will be close friends and family members who might have availed makeup artists on their wedding day. Talk to them about the artists they have worked with and check the website of the different makeup artists and read the testimonials. The feedbacks and comments will go a long way in helping you pick up the best makeup artist and package.

Follow these five simple rules to select your desired makeup package for your wedding day.